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Which Macs are compatible with macOS Sierra What are the system requirements? Which Macs support which features? It was available as a "public beta" starting on July 7, , and released in its final version on September 20, It is a free release and only available officially via Apple's own App Store. In the original press release , Apple boasted that macOS Sierra is "a major update to the world's most advanced desktop operating system" and more specifically noted:.

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Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. Specific feature support also varies. In addition to being one of the categories of Mac listed above, it also needs to be running OS X If you're not sure if your Mac will run macOS Sierra, all of the supported systems can be identified by the above "subfamily" designations as well as by the Model Identifier in software.

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More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac. Specifically, the following Macs are compatible with macOS Sierra.

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

However, just because a Mac runs macOS Sierra does not mean that it is compatible with all features. MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.

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MacBook "Core M" 1. MacBook "Core m3" 1.

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MacBook "Core m5" 1. MacBook "Core m7" 1. Most people didn't upgrade their OS until they got a new computer. So to the average consumer, the 21st Century sea change in OS pricing might not be particularly apparent.

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But to Microsoft shareholders, it will look very real and very scary. The company must make up that 25 percent somewhere else. A company that makes both the hardware and the software for a device can choose where to put its profit margins' John Siracusa. Mobile software. View Comments. Sponsored Content Powered By Outbrain.

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    Amy Webb Amy Webb. I wrote back then that even this was enough to tempt me back to Windows, and it was a game changer:. After waiting eagerly for the MacBook Pro refresh, then being utterly disappointed by what Apple actually shipped — a high-end priced laptop with poor performance — I started wondering if I could go back to Windows.

    Then, in October , Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows: Creators Update out of nowhere. It brings dedicated gaming features, full OS-level VR support, color customization, a people bar for quick chat and a lot more in a free update. It took me months to convince myself to do it, but I spent weeks poring over forum posts about computer specs and new hardware before realizing how far ahead the PC really is now: So, in February , I found myself building a computer from scratch.

    I sold my 15" MacBook Pro I now use a 12" MacBook for on-the-go productivity , and invested in building a desktop workhorse that would fit my needs and last for a long time. On top of that?

    Over the coming weeks I plan to write about the great parts of Windows, how I got my development environment set up, the apps I use, and, of course, the bad parts. For the last few months I've been looking for a laptop that can replace my trusty MBP and it's been more difficult than expected.