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Each day, there are millions of stream broadcast on Twitch. Join the largest social gaming network in the world and start growing your own following today. More games from this developer. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP.

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You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Play Simpsons: Read about the special powerups available for Simpsons Tapped Out when using BlueStacks 4 Keymapping Learn how to improve your gaming skills with a special keymapping! Read More. Redeem your BlueStacks Points. Get rewards!

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What are XPacks? An education in prop comedy? Or an old school super summer? Stay tuned for new characters, buildings, and stories coming soon! Declining attendance and overlong load times ruining your Krustyland? Well you know what they say: Now you can build your own Itchy and Scratchy Land right in Springfield.


Oh, and watch out for rebelling robots! Play today and enjoy the ride! A brutal build on a failing park?

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A murder mystery? A preteen road trip? Stay tuned for new characters, buildings and stories coming soon. Help Homer and your favorite Springfielders carry out international heists to fill your town with landmarks and treasures from the around the world! Because who said sightseeing meant you had to go outside? Play today and help Homer pull off the ultimate four-finger discount!

The war has ended and the generational divide has been mended — at least until bedtime. A parental prohibition? A crazy clown college? Or maybe a hilarious heist? Wait, we mean a battle of the ages — kids and adults are at war in Springfield! But what could cause this generational divide — Unfair bedtimes? Too many vegetables?

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That last one was so specific it has to be true. Gather your troops, fortify your structures, and see saw your seesaws. The holidays are back in Springfield, which can only mean one thing: Kang and Kodos…?

Create your own Springfield!

The alien duo arrive a couple months late with a nefarious plot to take over the world. The beasts are tamed, the evil sorcerer defeated, and the magical school is back to just… school. An alien immigration? The return of the masonic messiah?

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Or maybe a generational division of lowest common denominators! Stay tuned for more characters, buildings and stories coming soon! Use your wand finger to create your own Magic Academy and guide your townsfolk through their studies of the arcane as you strive to save Springfield from dark magic in our annual Treehouse of Horror update! Video games have no consequences!

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Magical maladies and mayhem? A fried food feast? A clash of colliding colors? An all-town alliteration altercation? Stay tuned to find out!

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out For PC (Windows & MAC)

Have all the fun of a music festival with none of the smells! Join in as various citizens shed their normal lives and attire to jam out! Mange your performers to increase show payouts, create the setlist and keep the show going to draw in the suckers, err, crowds and make Springfield the hottest music festival since that Fire-something fest.

Play today and party on! Manage your performers to increase show payouts, create the setlist and keep the show going to draw in the suckers, err, crowds and make Springfield the hottest music festival since that Fire-Something Fest. Dinosaurs, sphinxes and pirates… Oh my! A summer time sing-off? Experience, meanwhile, will allow us to unlock new possibilities and give rewards.

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And finally with the donuts we can accelerate the process of a construction or any task. Other ways to earn money and experience, in addition to carrying out all the tasks asked by Homer, Lisa, Ned Flanders, Moe or Apu, will visit the cities of our friends. And is that The Simpsons: Springfield after all is a social game, so if we go to see how our friends are going we will also receive rewards. Its operation, then, is quite reminiscent of others social titles such as Farmville or Cityville, with the great addition of having all the characters of The Simpsons, with their original voices, playing on the screen of our iOS terminal.

The graphic section of the game is another of the strong points of it, since at all times they will make us think that we are watching an episode of the series thanks to the extreme care with which everything is represented. Tapped Out is an authentic portent as a social game.

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