Unmounting external hard drive mac

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Erase process has failed. Click done to continue. Disk Utility Error FIX - Mac

Enter Semulov. You can even create a universal keyboard shortcut to unmount every drive connected to your computer, saving you from having to open the Finder and unmount everything individually. To get started, download Semulov. The application comes in a ZIP file which you can unarchive by opening.

Then, drag the icon to your Applications folder. It looks just like the Eject button used back when Macs had optical drives and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

mount - My WD external drive unmounted itself and now does not work - Ask Different

A window will pop up with various options, the first of which is whether Semulov should start up when your mac does. If you use a file browser besides Finder, you can specify an alternative application using the bundle ID. Use that number not to kill the process:. Great advice — found the fsck process in Activity Monitor, killed it and very shortly after, the drive mounted.

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I have tried everything that has been mention on the above comments, and were now trying this but i am not sure what number i sould use? The disk that will not show up is the one reffered to as disk2s2, and i could see the fsck activity as you mentioned. When i ran the comando this came up:. I just had the same problem. Tried disk repair, tried First Aid.

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It would say all good, but the drive would NOT mount. Doing it now. I should also add — DiskWarrior was the first program I tried. This worked for me, thank you!

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I simply followed the instructions and it worked. I have a macBook air.

External Hard Drive Unmounted or Invisible on Mac? How to Recover Files?

I did a list on the terminal command window and showed the following removable disks. I tried to dismount both of them, the reply I received I am copying below:.

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Any help will be appreciated Thanks Lalitha. Too complicated! We need help, too!!

The command line approach to mounting and unmounting drives is intended for techies, of course it is complicated. There is no requirement to use the command line for anything at all on the Mac. Novice users can eject a disk through the Finder, or plug it into USB and mount it that way.

3 Ways to Fix ‘Couldn’t Unmount Disk’ Error

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