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Deshalb wurden Soziale Netzwerke zum Beispiel Facebook eingebunden. Allerdings muss er sich auf einen Abo-Preis einlassen. Wie gut Office auf dem iPad funktioniert, haben wir noch nicht getestet. Damit bist du immer auf dem neuesten Stand. Microsoft Office Home Sebastian Trepesch am Zum Shop. Technical Condition of Specified Devices The components to be supplied Ex Works, are equipped with hardware and software configurations, which meet the individual application requirements.

KG will be exempted from any liability in case of changes in hardware or software as well as to non-compliant usage of components. Safety Advice Precautions For installing and operating purposes of the relevant device to your system the following safety precautions shall be observed:.

Do not work on components while energized! All power sources to the device shall be switched off prior to performing any installation, repair or maintenance work. Installation only in appropriate housings, cabinets or in electrical operation rooms! As such, install the system and its components exclusively in appropriate housings, cabinets or in electrical operation rooms. Allow access to such equipment and fixtures to authorized, qualified staff only by means of specific keys or tools. Auf normgerechten Anschluss achten!

Replace defective or damaged devices! Protect the components against materials having seeping and insulating properties! The components are not resistant to materials having seeping and insulating properties such as: If you cannot exclude that such materials will appear in the component environment, then install the components in an enclosure being resistant to the above-mentioned materials. Cleaning only with permitted materials! Clean soiled contacts using oil-free compressed air or with ethyl alcohol and leather cloths.

Kein Kontaktspray verwenden! Do not use any contact spray. Verpolung vermeiden! Elektrostatische Entladung vermeiden! Avoid reverse polarity of data and power supply lines. Pay attention while handling the devices to good grounding of the environment persons. The spray may impair contact area functionality in connection with contamination.

The devices are equipped with electronic components that you may destroy by electrostatic discharge when you touch. The end module 3 completes the node. The 24 V system supply and the 24 V field supply are fed in via the integrated power supply terminal. The electronics process the data of the bus modules and make it available for the fieldbus communication. The fieldbus interface forms the physical interface to the relevant fieldbus.

Kommunikation Klemmenbus. The first three bytes identify the manufacturer e. The second 3 bytes indicate the consecutive serial number for the hardware. In addition the manufacturing number is also printed on the cover of the configuration and programming interface of the fieldbus coupler or controller. This number is part of the lateral marking on the component.

This is located on the rear of the controller and on a selfadhesive tear-off label on the side of the controller. Example of a manufacturing number The manufacturing number consists of the production week and year. This matrix makes columns available for altogether three updates to the entry of the current update data. Additionally with the update of a fieldbus coupler or controller also the cover of the configuration and programming interface of the coupler or controller is printed on with the current manufacturing and production order number.

Assembly and Transport Wherever possible. When assembling or repacking the components. Update 2. The original manufacturing data on the housing of the component remain thereby. Update 3. Some digital and analog input modules have each channel electrically isolated.

Ring Feeding. In order that all protective conductor functions are maintained under all circumstances. When you use a joint power supply unit for the 24 V system supply and the 24 V field supply. Pay attention. The use of an incorrect supply voltage or frequency can cause severe damage to the component. The 5 V system voltage is electrically connected to the 24 V system supply. Die eingespeiste 24 V-Gleichspannung versorgt. The voltage supply is reverse voltage protected. Table 3: Alignment Current consumption via system voltage: Resetting the system by switching on and off the system supply.

Provided by the bus power supply unit. This value is given in the associated data sheet. A node with the example coupler. If the sum of the internal current consumption exceeds the residual current for bus modules. In order to determine the overall requirement. The exact electrical consumption I 24 V can be determined with the following formulas: Note Manual Version 1. The maximum input current of the 24 V system supply is mA. You can test the configuration via the integrated accuracy check.

If the electrical consumption of the power supply point for the 24 V system supply exceeds mA. During the test. Note Pos: The bus module supplies power to the sensors and actuators. Power supply modules are available for other potentials. The connections are linked in pairs with a power contact. Strombelastung 10 A. The input and output drivers of some bus modules require the field side supply voltage.

The current load of the power contacts must not exceed 10 A on a continual basis.

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AC V. Anschluss -Weiterleitung Versorgungsspg. In this case it is a passive power supply without protection equipment.

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From there a new power supply occurs which may also contain a new voltage potential. By inserting an additional power supply module. The current load capacity between two connection terminals is identical to the load capacity of the connection wires. Table 4: Power supply modules Item No. The optical separation of the potentials acts as a warning to heed caution in the case of wiring and maintenance works. Note the data sheets of the bus modules.

If you require a field supply for subsequent bus modules. Due to this. Note Use a spacer module when setting up a node with different potentials! In the case of a node setup with different potentials. UL requirements! In the case of power supply modules with fuse holders. Manual Version 1. In order to do this. In order to insert or change a fuse. Figure 8: Removing the fuse carrier Lifting the cover to the side opens the fuse carrier. For UL approved systems only use UL approved fuses. Opening the fuse carrier Figure Change fuse After changing the fuse. Fuse modules with pivotable fuse carrier.

The fuse modules of the WAGO series and are suitable for this purpose.

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Fuse modules for automotive fuses. Figure Table 5: Filter modules for volt supply Item No. This is demonstrated by complying with the standards of influential classification companies such as Germanischer Lloyd and Lloyds Register. Filter modules for volt supply are required for the certified operation of the system. With the ring feeding. You should separate the system supply and the field supply in order to ensure bus operation in the event of a short-circuit on the actuator side. DC 24 V.

Note Note Power failure time is not acc. Table 6: Recommendation A stable network supply cannot be taken for granted always and everywhere. Note that the power failure time in a node with maximal components is not 10 ms. The electrical requirement for the field supply is to be determined individually for each power supply point.

Thereby all loads through the field devices and bus modules should be considered. System and field supply shall be isolated from the power supply! You should isolate the system supply and the field supply from the power supplies in order to ensure bus operation in the event of short circuits on the actuator side. The field supply as well influences the bus modules. The framework or the housing must be grounded. Recommendation The optimal setup is a metallic assembly plate with grounding connection with an electrical conductive link with the carrier rail.

Also order the end and intermediate plate You must take care to ensure the flawless electrical connection between the carrier rail and the frame or housing in order to guarantee sufficient grounding. The separate grounding of the carrier rail can be easily set up with the aid of the WAGO ground wire terminals. The electronic connection is established via the screw. Table 7: Here the earth ground must be set up via an electrical conductor accordingly valid national safety regulations. For information on carrier rail properties. You must take care to ensure the direct electrical connection between the carrier rail contact and the carrier rail.

The carrier rail must be grounded.

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The ring feeding method has the grounding conductor connected to the beginning and end of each potential group. When one bus module is removed from the group. Note Re-establish the ground connection when the connection to the power jumper contacts is disrupted! Should the ground conductor connection of the power jumper contacts within the node become disrupted.

If the bus module has the lower power jumper contact. Ring-feeding Note Observe grounding protection regulations! You must observe the regulations relating to the place of assembly as well as the national regulations for maintenance and inspection of the grounding protection.

The ring feeding of the grounding potential will increase the system safety. Note Lay high-voltage cables separately! Separate the data and signal conductors from all high-voltage cables. You should place shielding over the entrance of the cabinet or housing in order to already repel disturbances at the entrance. The WAGO shield connection system is suggested for such an application. The cable shield should be potential.

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Note Improve shield performance by placing the shield over a large area! For a better shield performance. Note Lay the shielding throughout the entrance and over a wide area! Constant shielding is absolutely required in order to ensure the technical specifications in terms of the measurement accuracy. Measurement errors. This suggestion is especially applicable if the equipment can have even current or high impulse formed currents running through for example initiated by atmospheric discharge.

With this. See catalog W4 volume 3 chapter Together these allow many different possibilities. Both ports support: Ein im PFC integ. PFC kombiniert die.. Thus additional infrastructure elements such as switches or hubs can be void. The modules are mapped in the order of their physical position after the controller.. The two Ethernet interfaces and the integrated switch make possible the wiring of the fieldbus in line topology. For the automatic assignment of the IP address in the network. Both of these communication protocols can be used either together or separately.

For this. The fieldbus controller has KB program memory. Library functions are available for function expansion. SNMP This clock is supplied with auxiliary power during a power failure. Speicherkarte ist nicht im Lieferumfang! Nur empfohlene Speicherkarte verwenden! To use a memory card. The compatibility to other storage media available in trade cannot be ensured. Only use recommended memory cards! In addition. Compatibility Programming tool: The fieldbus controller can also be operated without memory card expansion.

WBM LEDs for operation status. LEDs show the operating voltage for the system and jumper contacts. USR Pos: Meaning Details see Chapter: Tabellenkopf und Nr: X2 Pos: The fieldbus interface is galvanically separated from the electrical potential of the device via the transducer. The integrated switch works in store-and-forward operation and for each port.

The wiring of these plugs corresponds to the specifications for BaseTX. Device Supply Pos: The RJ socket is physically lower. Nicht in Telekommunikationsnetzen einsetzen! Never connect these devices with telecommunication networks. The LED information is routed to the top of the case by light fibres. In some cases. Display Elements Pos: Table The Communication Cable is connected to the 4-pole header.

Service interface for programming and configuration closed and open door Table Service port Number 1 2 Pos: To prevent damage to the device. Mode selector switch closed and open damper of the service port Table Mode selector switch Number 1 2 Description Open the damper Operating mode switch The operating mode switch determines the loading. Now activate this function by placing a check mark in the control box. This multifunction sliding switch features 3 slide lock positions and a push-button function.

In order to switch the outputs to a safe mode at the program stop. The sliding switch is designed for a number of operations in compliance with ENT2. Since the program is no longer processed. Please note that set outputs remain set. Set outputs to zero. The controller performs the following functions. From the center to the No reaction. The operating mode is changed internally at the end of a PFC cycle. From the center to the "RUN".. One of the following functions is active.

Down position After a PowerOn reset. Restart the fieldbus controller. Table 1: Mode selector switch positions. Table 2: FALSE or to an initial value. From the bottom to the No reaction. Center position "STOP". The configuration of the IP address consists of the network address configurable and The memory card slot has a transparent protective flap that is folded upwards to open it..

Memory card is not included in the scope of delivery! Address Selection Switch Pos: In the default status. The data sheet is on the Internet at: Hold the memory card so that the contacts are visible on the left side and the sloping edge is towards the bottom.

Additional information about the memory card For technical information about the memory card. Push the memory card all the way in. Push the cover flap back in by folding it downwards until it snaps in. Insert the memory card into the slot of the fieldbus controller.

Use an activation tool or a screwdriver to open the transparent cover flap by folding it upwards. Opening the memory card slot. When you let go. To remove the memory card. This loosens the mechanical locking As soon as you let go of the memory card. The guaranteed buffer time for the real time clock is reduced with rising temperature and operating time. Technical data — Device data Pos: AWG 8.

Technical data — Supply Voltage supply Input current max.. Ensure that the storage of devices with a real time clock at high temperatures leads to a reduced buffer time for the real time clock. Technical Data.. Verringerte Pufferzeit bei zu hoher Lagertemperatur! Technical data — Mechanical strength Vibration resistance Shock resistance Free fall acc. And neg.

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Amplitude 0. Acceleration 1 g b Period of oscillation: D EMC 1 For more information about the ship approvals: Note the "Supplementary Power Supply Regulations" chapter for the ship approvals. For example. When assembled. The maximum total length of a node without a In the case of vertical assembly.

Using an internal data bus extension module from WAGO. For additional information. In this type of configuration. You can connect up to 10 internal data bus extension coupler modules to an internal data bus extension end module The total cable length for a fieldbus node is 70 meters. The maximum cable length between two assemblies is 5 meters. In this manner. The carrier rail must optimally support the EMC measures integrated into the system and the shielding of the bus module connections. Most components have a contact to the carrier rail to ground electromagnetic disturbances.

If other carrier rails are used. For carrier rails with a height of 7. In order to avoid corrosion. The geometry of the carrier rail must not be altered in order to secure the safe hold of the components. In particular. For the optimal system setup on a carrier rail. KG should take place. Carrier rails have different mechanical and electrical properties. A sufficiently stable carrier rail should be selected and. The medal springs on the bottom of the housing must have low-impedance contact with the DIN rail wide contact surface is possible.

The spacing to cable conduits also prevents conducted electromagnetic interferences from influencing the operation. Spacing The spacing creates room for heat transfer. Busabschluss nicht vergessen! The reliable positioning and connection is made using a tongue and groove system. The male contacts are sharp-edged. Please take into consideration that some bus modules have no or only a few power jumper contacts.

Due to the automatic locking. Never plug bus modules from the direction of the end terminal. Handle the module carefully to prevent injury. The design of some modules does not allow them to be physically assembled in rows. A ground wire power contact. Always plug a bus end module onto the end of the fieldbus node! Busklemmen in vorgegebener Reihenfolge stecken! Aneinanderreihen von Busklemmen nur bei offener Nut! Verletzungsgefahr durch scharfkantige Messerkontakte!

Errors in the design of the node in terms of the potential groups connection via the power contacts are recognized. Working on devices when the system is energized can damage the devices. To prevent interruptions. Vorsicht bei der Unterbrechung von FE! Use a screwdriver blade to turn the locking disc until the nose of the locking disc engages behind the carrier rail see the following figure. Unlocking lug of extended ECO coupler Pos: Use a screwdriver blade to turn the locking disc until the nose of the locking disc no longer engages behind the carrier rail.

The modules are equipped with electronic components that may be destroyed by electrostatic discharge. Data contacts Pos: Busklemmen nicht auf Goldfederkontakte legen! Auf gute Erdung der Umgebung achten! Avoid touching conductive components. It is comprised of 6 data contacts. When handling the modules. These contacts come as touch-proof spring contacts. Example for the arrangement of power contacts Pos: If it is unavoidable to jointly connect 2 conductors. The following ferrules can be used: Length 8 mm Nominal cross section max.

Note Figure Do not connect more than one conductor at one single connection! If more than one conductor must be routed to one connection. Insert the conductor into the corresponding connection opening. The mode selector switch may not be set at the bottom position during run-up! The controller begins running up after switching on the power supply or after a reset. The new cycle begins by reading in of the input and output data and the timer values. The inputs. At the end of the PFC cycle.

As a result. The flags retain their status. Diagramm Bit. If a loop is programmed within the PFC program. When run-up is successful. During the initialization phase. The input and output data for the field bus. Updating is performed only as defined at the end of the PFC program.

The cycle time is the time from the beginning of the PFC program up to the next beginning of the cycle. Test o.? No Stop No Test o. Run-up of the Controller Pos: Anzahl der Ein. A node can consist of a mixed arrangement of analog and digital modules. If the amount of digital information exceeds 8 bits. The bits of the digital modules are grouped into bytes. Die Daten der digitalen Busklemmen sind.

This process image is broken down into an input and an output data range.. This memory range includes words Das feldbusspezifische Prozessabbild ist in dem Kap. If the hardware configuration is changed by adding.. The process data addresses would then change. For a detailed description of these fieldbus-specific data access methods.. The subsequent range. How the data is accessed from the fieldbus side depends on the fieldbus however. admin