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Select "Run applets: Open your preferred email client and navigate to the meeting invitation sent to you via email by the meeting's host.

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By clicking the invitation, the Office Live Meeting Java client will open in the browser. Enter your name in the name field on the next page and click "Join Meeting. Skip to main content.

Full Specifications

Preparation 1. Click the hard drive icon on the desktop and browse to "Applications.

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Click on "Utilities" and then open "Terminal. Type the following command and make a note of the version number: Type the following command into the terminal and press "Enter": The ability to run applets is dependent on the version of Java being used. Restart Firefox or Safari if either are open.

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Attending the Meeting 1. Get answers from our online knowledge base.

How to Install Microsoft Office On Mac OSX For Free

Training InterCall offers Free web conference training programs that provide information—from the most basic to advanced—to help you get started using your Office Live Meeting account. How can I access my Conference Place account? To log into Conference Place visit http: Enter your user login and password.

How to Play Microsoft Live Meeting on OS X

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