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Factory sealed units with early serials numbers can fetch a decent amount if the timing is right. Not every vintage computer is a jackpot. Some models happen to sell better than others. Sentimental value is not the same as resale value. Part Out vs. Complete System Some computer models are actually worth more in parts. Certain parts are highly prized like the internal floppy drive, the ram, etc. Upgrade kits are very valuable today. Different economics applied to computers in those days. The thought of buying a new computer every two years was unheard of, so the idea was that you bought it, made repairs as needed, and kept it until it completely wore out.

Macs were originally designed to be upgraded rather than replaced. By the late 80s, it became apparent that hardware limitations impeded upgrades and by the early 90s, Apple abolished upgrading altogether. Research what your computer has and it will help determine whether it is worth more as a complete unit or as a parts box. The prices contained on this page are based on successful eBay listings, not unsold listings. How to Format Your Listing The type of auction you choose greatly improves or reduces your chances for a successful sale.

When setting up your listing, use the following: Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I have an eMac all white in essentially mint condition.

It still works but does not have original packaging, keyboard or mouse. Any ideas on the value? Any comments? My dad has a Macintosh Performa with a mouse and keyboard with a style writer II printer in good condition. Good condition on box. Not perfect on box. Looking for help on value and selling this. I have a mackintosh lcll complete with monitor and printer all mackintosh brand new in original packaging what is the value of it.

I have an Apple Macintosh Classic in mint condition. What is a value of this computer? This is a great article. Do you see a resurgence of people collecting working Apple computers as long term investments, for instance an eMac model A? I imagine the lower the number of units produced the higher the value appreciation. Would these be equally as valuable for parts? At present processing power seems the great driver of IT, though I wonder whether new ideas will decrease the need for processing power and allow for tech to evolve to allow interopability with old tech.

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I have an Apple 1 previously owned by an Apple developer. It is not functional. Will I have better luck selling it on ebay or contacting an auction house? If auction house, can you recommend the best for this type of product? I have a PowerBook g4 laptop but it has a problem with the screen.

At times everything will be covered in purplish blueish pixelated boxes that covers the screen.

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When I tried hooking up an external monitor, the same problem happened. Do you know a way to fix this? I have a Macintosh SE double disk but I don't have keyboard or cords and not sure if it works as I found it in my uncles garage when he passed away so I wanted to know how much or if it's worth anything it's dated at model number M with 1Mbyte Ram,Two k Drives. Any brands other than Apple will not increase value much. I have a Performa I can't see it listed, it is in excellent condition I just checked it's still working has an old Quark and an old Photoshop app on it.

What can I expect to get for it? Hi, I'm trying to find out how much a black Macintosh power PC is worth. Can any one help or point me in the right direction for advice. All in working order with box. Did you know that if you open the 1st edition Macintosh , All of the original designers have their signatures on the inside of the cover including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. I have an old iBook, still works, date on back is Mac OS 9. I don't know if I should ship it back to San Francisco, or throw it away. Its so pretty, blue clam shell I think.

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I hate to do that. I know nothing about computers, does it have any value? Great condition. Works great! Still have the box. Just read that it will be discontinued and going into the Apple Vintage files this year. If it goes into the vintage category, how much do you think it would be worth? Where did you get your figures on the Apple in particular sold? According to Jobs, he told me that there were only built of which were actually sold.

How Much Is Your Old Vintage Apple Mac Computer Worth?

Jobs gave the others away to some of the early Apple employees. Woz verified these figures also.

I have owned 3 Apple 1 computers myself of which 2 of them were still functional. I am the original Owner. Excellent condition. Exact production date: October 11, Includes original power chords, interfact chords, 2 System Tools Discs, Hypercard floppy discs. Any thoughts here? I have Mac Performa unopened and sealed in box. How much is it worth? Thank you for your help!!! This article is for information about vintage computers only. Your computer needs to have been manufactured before in order to place a value on it.

I could have downloaded a 12Mb? My current iMac with 1 Terabyte internal drive can download , songs, some Classical ones 44Mb. What's it's value, working. Also, my mouse does not work. I have a Color Classic that has a motherboard with a power PC in it, maybe from a power Mac I was wondering if that would increase the value and what you think I should ask for it.

Also I don't have a working mouse for it, is there anyway to open system information with the keyboard? I really don't know what kind of imac it is but I am pretty sure its a imac G3. How much do you think it's worth? It works and it has the og keyboard. Oh, and I have an Apple Lisa non-upgraded with the original manual and one floppy disk. How much is that worth?

I really like your guide, it's the one-stop place for all my apple computer values as I have many. How much would it be worth? Used 10 times. Stored since. Bought new, still runs, what is it worth? Hi Jason, I have a working, near mint condition Mac SE20 I believe it is SE20, purchased in a college book store in ish in the original box very clean and great condition but some clear packing tapes on and address written on 1 or 2 sides with an unopened and an opened sets of manuals happen to have 2 sets of same manuals in mint conditions, plus a mouse cover shaped like a mouse which was sold in Apple 'Company Store' in no tag.

Could you give me quotes for these? I have a NeXt computer system to sell and a few newtons a clear and black. Any idea how much this stuff is worth? Monitors, cube, printer, manuals. I have a working Performa and a G4 quicksilver plus 80's mac software And does anyone know who buys old software like this? I don't know if it works. Is it worth anything? Unfortunately the LaserWriter isn't worth anything. My father has a complete system, Macintosh 1mb with external floppy I believe, but will check and a LaserWriter printer.

I haven't seen any posts that mention the LaserWriter. Is the LaserWriter of any value? Is the system worth anything? Davaoda If its still in the box, never opened, it would be considered mint condition. I have an Apple IIc that is in the original box and never opened. The box has been in the original shipping box and is mint. Any idea of a value?

I have a black Wallstreet laptop from , with the optional Zip drive removable drive. Worth anything? Operates, but battery isn't much good anymore. I've also got all start up disks, user guides, and extra cords. How much can I expect? I also have monitor, two floppy drives, all the start up disks, VisiCalc and a lot of other software an manuals included employee training. Also have original Centronics Model dot matrix printer.

All products work fine. What is this worth on eBay? I have a vintage distressed leather messenger bag with the word logo "Apple" embroided into the flap. This bag is cool. Really cool. It is in excellent condition and would be in mint condition had one of the pockets inside not have it's stitching pull loose. I thought the bag was too cool to sell. Heck, for all I know this could have been Steve Jobs own personal laptop bag!

I would love to be able to find another one like it or at very least, find out what the value of this one is. Anybody have any ideas? What a wonderful resource! Thank you so much for this webpage. I have read all of the comments and previously you gave prices on Apple IIe's.

I have 8 of them. I have 2 or 3 of each of these. Also I have so many disks and manuals. Of these, which would be valuable? Thank you again: I have the dome and swivel iMac. I've upgraded the ram as far as I can, but it just runs too slow. Is there anyone who can renovate it or bring it up to modern speed, maybe replace the processor or the whole internals? I have Mac LC manufactured in but don't have the keyboard. What price can I expec. Any ideas on value of PowerBook Just gave one away to be recycled but can still track it down.

Apple Macintosh K upgraded to K just the chipset, drive is K with original box incl.

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Boxes are not in pristine condition but fine and rare I thought ;. Apple IIGS with monitor, keyboard, mouse and cd drive with absolute pristine boxes of computer, monitor and cd drive with manuals and floppy disks. All original, used, but in a super state;. Apple Macintosh II, with keyboard and mouse, original box shows signs of its oldness and absolute pristine they are like new!

I do have more vintage Apple gear, also with original boxes, incredible stuff. But I'de appreciate your valued opinion on the computers named above. The upgrade damages the value. Now the upgrade package by itself, especially if unopened and in its original packaging, is worth serious money.

I have a Apple IIe with mointor and 2 floppy drives and printer. All work how much you think this is work. Looking for someone who can do a join write-up for " Crowd funding an Apples recycle museum using Apple parts to build replica 0f - coliseum, golden gate bridge, stadium". As a long time Apple user, this was valuable information to know. I've ditched my old computers in the past with way past expired warranties. I could've gotten some money from my old Imac and and Ibook computers. Maybe next time, if there is one Thanks for this lens. Yes, you can send pictures of the prototypes to jponic gmail.

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Are you sitting on a Jackpot? Apple I The original Apple Computer, the Apple I, is considered one of the most valuable and collectable computers in the world. Apple 1 Replica These often surface on eBay. Mac K All-in-One Computer Released in January as the very first Macintosh, the k was the first personal computer to feature a Graphic User Interface, a basic feature that would define home computing for decades to come.

Macintosh k All-in-One Computer Identical to the k with the exception of its expanded memory, the k 'Fat Mac' was discontinued in when it was replaced by the ke. Macintosh Portable Apple's very first battery powered computer, the portable was a total failure when it was released in Apple Powerbook Apple's bottom-rung inaugural powerbook released in that would become the foundation of all Macbooks over the next twenty years. Macintosh TV Released as a limited edition in , the Macintosh TV was one of the few desktops ever released in black and Apple's first attempt at computer-television integration.

TV Tuner Card. Macintosh Quadra and Series One of many early 90s era computers prior to Steve Jobs' return to the company in Apple Newton MessagePad Being twenty years ahead of its time made the Newton a flop at its initial release.

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Also, the eMac was the only CRT display product left in Apple's lineup which made it somewhat bulky compared to new offerings which had compact form factors due to LCD screens. However, the eMac was still available for sale to the general public through some third-party retailer websites. On July 5, , the entire eMac line was discontinued. No model of eMac can run OS X A number of eMac machines have suffered from what was known as "Raster Shift", a phenomenon where the bottom third or half of the screen goes black, with the rest of image shifting upward and beyond the top boundary of the display.

Serious static also accompanies the problem, rendering the viewable part of the screen virtually useless. In response to the problem, Apple offered a solution which involved the replacement of a video cable inside the eMac's case. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All-in-one desktop computer designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. For other uses, see Emac disambiguation. Not to be confused with iMac or Emacs.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: See also: Timeline of Macintosh models. Retrieved Apple Support.

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Retrieved August 31, Retrieved October 12, Apple hardware since Italics indicate current products. Apple hardware before Apple hardware. MacBook family —present Air Pro. A series bit: S3 bit: S4 W series bit: W1 W2 W3 T series bit: S1 S1P S2 T series bit: Retrieved from " https: Macintosh all-in-ones Macintosh computers by product line PowerPC Macintosh computers Sealed computers Macintosh case designs Computer-related introductions in