Mac pro 2013 stress test

Here are a few options:. As with the CPU benchmarking, these tests are pretty short, so it would have to be run a few times to get an idea of the performance and cooling. Here are a few that do a good job of benchmarking your GPU: Cinebench , Geekbench , and LuxMark. Read each of the pages for a description and how-to operate.

Mac Pro vs iMac Pro For Media Composition

There's really only one application that comes to mind for this: The "basic" and "extreme" presets can be used, but a "custom" option is also available that really lets you go all out. The test will render game scenes at the quality and resolution you set; a higher quality and resolution will mean more work for your GPU and thus a better stress test. You will have to re-start the test when it finishes to get a few loops out of it the free version , but at insanely high settings your GPU will probably take a long time to finish a single run anyway.

There are utilities that can read out and test these sensors, but only Apple and their Diagnostics really know what the correct value ranges are and if a sensor passes or fails a test. However, if you'd like to take a closer look at the sensors to make sure their measurements are what you want them to be, or just to satisfy your curiosity, there are a few options available. A lot of continuous checking is going on inside your Mac to make sure all these readings are what they should be, and while you typically never need to know these readings, they can help you verify your Mac's hardware is working properly.

The one application that can read out all these sensors is TechTool Pro. It is a pretty comprehensive system test suite that includes sensor testing. We've covered pretty much all the internal components of your Mac, but there are a few things that are often overlooked in system testing.

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These are as follows:. If there is an issue with your mouse or trackpad, you will find out during normal use, so I won't suggest any tests for those. The same goes for the hinges of your laptop screen. The one thing I have not covered in this article is your Mac's cooling system. If your Mac survived all of the above stress tests without suddenly shutting down or bursting into flames, it's safe to say your cooling system is good to go. However, there is a big difference in keeping a system cool enough to keep it from overheating and keeping it cool enough to make it last.

The cooling system is more than just the fan s , it also involves heatsinks, thermal paste, thermal pads and airflow.

How to use Apple Hardware Test

For now, to keep your Mac running nice and cool, open it up and clean out the dust. Take the proper ESD precautions and go as far as you're comfortable with taking your Mac apart. Mac Pro users are probably not new to this, but most laptop users likely will be. For laptops, it's typically enough to remove the bottom cover and carefully blow out the dust from the boards, fan s and heatsinks.

More airflow results in a cooler Mac. You've done it! The CPU, GPU and RAM tests mentioned in this article go far beyond what even the diagnostics at Apple will do, so if your Mac passed them all with flying colors, I have no doubt it can handle whatever workload you throw at it. OK, I admit, I just like to see my Macs break a good sweat once in a while for no good reason. Knowing your Mac can handle even the hardest work is a good feeling.

There are so many people out there using just a fraction of their Mac's power for fear they might crash it or it runs too hot. Your Mac is not a delicate flower, it's a powerful number cruncher and even if you only use it to check Facebook or work on a Pages document, it's nice to know it can handle an afternoon of RAW photo editing or a Final Cut Pro montage of your niece's graduation when needed. Most of you will probably agree that you'd rather have the power and not need it, than need it and not have the power.

Have something to say about this story? These are all good suggestions, but I'm already abiding by most of these. I'm super OCD, so I clean my computer with compressed air as well as my raid, it's sitting on a cool steel desk with nothing within 12 inches of it, the room is dark and cool, I've made sure since day 1 to spread out my thunderbolt peripherals to make sure heavy traffic isn't sharing the same bus my pegasus raid sits on one of the lower 2 which is on the same bus, my 4k monitor has it's own bus and my extra mac 27inch thunderbolt monitor shares a bus with an external for projects that never die I never daisy chain anything and i'm only using up 2 usb ports, one for a time machine drive and one for my monitor.

I do not have any external gpus, but now I wish I did so I could actually work. I can't even tell you how many things I've tried. I'm really starting to believe that it may just be shot. And I'm not too confident that I'm going to get any super answers from my "so called Genius" as Scot noted above. Guess we'll both be there on Friday in different states waiting for the 19 year old in a blue shirt finish up explaining to a 63 year old woman how to send pictures as attachments off of her iPad.

I wish they had some sort of business like support so you could get priority since by Friday night, I'd pay extra for that, call it AppleCare Pro or some junk. I'll have gone 5 work days racking up only 3 billable hours but 40 hours in my office dicking around troubleshooting everything I could find.

Stress Test a Mac by Maxing Out CPU

I was so frustrated and distressed I even let adobe tech support take over my computer remotely. That just shows you how desperate I was. I'm sure Apple is going to sit on my mac pro for awhile, so that's more days lost. I'm going to bring in a clone of my hard drive and throw a project on there and see if they'll let me use it as a startup disk on a new iMac pro and see what happens.

I guess if it works fine, then it points to hardware. If it gags on it, then I'm at the mercy of Adobe and Apple software I suppose. Thanks again. You can also try throwing it off the building. If you don't hear anything, system was crap. In first two cases, a bunch of worries less and more time, nerves and focus preserved for actual life. Linux could be your friend if Windoze is too complicated for your use. My visit to the apple store last night was actually awesome.

I had an apple genius who didn't treat me like a moron, listened to everything I told him I tried and didn't bother testing it for himself, which I assumed they would run at least the bare minimum of standard testing. The only thing he did was run a gpu stress test and tried to reboot it from their test startup disk.

Even though everything tested out fine, he said that based on what I told him that it has to be hardware. So it's been sent down to Austin, TX for repair. It'll be gone for about 5 days, but it's a flat rate for repair. I really wasn't expecting that. And then he apologized for it taking so long for me to get an appointment there since it's impacted my business and said for me to buy a new mac pro that they had in stock and then return it after mine comes back and I test it out.

Just click the Start button on the app interface and watch the progress bar. Click Verbose Logging for even more info. If you experience crashes or freezes then, again, walk away.

How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

Start with a permissions scan. This is entirely normal. Start Disk Utility by selecting its entry on the menu, then select to Repair Disk.

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You might see error messages but hopefully they should be repaired. However, be aware that during scanning the machine may become unresponsive. This again is not unusual. Testing the sound and screen You can look for dead pixels on the screen by visiting this YouTube video , turning the screen brightness up full, and then switching the playback window to full-screen mode.

As for testing the speakers, well, just play some music! Turn it up!