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Thankfully, Mac OS X…. Apple released the OS X Terminal commands are great for managing a remote computer, writing scripts, or Automating your computer. Here's a…. Lifehacker The A. Mac OS X. Brett Terpstra. Nick Douglas.

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App Directory. After hands-on testing, these are our favorite features in Mojave—both the obvious standouts and the hidden gems. If we left anything out, let us know in the comments. Some Apple apps go a lot darker than others—like Notes, for example.

Though the entire app darkens by default, you can turn the background color of your notes white again in the preferences to make them pop, while leaving the sidebar and toolbars dark. The default is still blue, but you can change that to pink, purple, orange, red, green, yellow, or graphite. Below the metadata you can find buttons to rotate the image, mark it up, or export it to PDF, tasks that used to prompt a trip to the Preview app.

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And I have paid for Declutter , a utility that does much the same thing. If your Desktop gets cluttered up with screenshots, images, and other files as you work, Stacks sorts them by kind.

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And it keeps sorting them as they accumulate—as you keep taking screenshots, for example, they appear atop the Screenshots stack, not as individual files on the Desktop. Click a Stack to expand it, and it stays that way until you click the Stack again to close it up.

To turn Stacks on, right-click the Desktop and choose Use Stacks. Mojave is the last version of macOS that will run bit apps. News makes its debut on macOS Mojave.

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The News app looks and acts just like its counterpart on iOS, only with a handy sidebar instead of a tab bar along the bottom. If you leave the box checked, topics, favorites, and saved stories will sync between your Mac and iOS devices. Get stoked, because you have a grand total of 46 heavily discounted apps to pick from. In other words, BundleHunt forces you to create your own bundle of discounted apps rather than just giving you one to buy. Not everyone uses iCloud to back up their iPhone or iPad.

This app is like iTunes minus all the media content.

You get a speedier way to create more complicated backups for your iPhone or iPad—which you can even schedule, if you remember to regularly connect your device to your Mac—as well as a tool that lets you more easily transfer data back and forth including photos, music, notes, voice memos, et cetera. Most importantly, iMazing allows you to copy the full contents of one device to another, which makes it a lot faster to upgrade from something old to something new versus restoring from an iCloud backup over wifi.

You can also pick and choose what data you want to bring over to your new device. Managing your files across the many cloud services you use can be an ordeal. admin