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I could imagine that this would fit the bill:. I am no longer so excited with the monitor and computer in one box as my old iMac had to go in twice for major problems Posted on Feb 7, There is no Mac Mini The latest Mac Mini is actually a model and the base models are pathetic. Feb 9, 6: Page content loaded. Feb 7, That model you mention is reasonably powerful, but with the proviso that all the Mac minis are getting long in the tooth and Apple has not offered up a Server model for a while.

The better Mac minis don't really make economic sense to me, but I would pick up a cheap second hand model so long as it has Thunderbolt and USB 3.

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The fact that it is older makes little difference because what Apple is selling is old anyway, just very expensive as if it were current. Lightroom benefits from large fast hard drive space so a Fusion drive is usually your best value. Feb 8, 4: Would you know if the current machines are more dependable? I have had a motherboard replaced once and a HD die as well on my late iMac. Feb 9, 8: Feb 9, Is mac mini fast enough for lightroom? Not worth it. Memory is just plain expensive right now thank you crypto miners , so stick with 32GB of memory.

If the memory comes down to more sane cost levels you could look to upgrade it yourself later. Like memory, this decision is harder to make and going to be entirely budget based. One of the challenges with using a Mac Mini for photo editing is the lack of storage. Photographers need and use a lot of storage.

Not like videographers, that is some serious storage needs with 4K and 8K footage these days, but photographers definitely need a good amount of storage for their photos. No matter which storage option you go with, you are going to have to connect external storage to the Mac Mini, something I will address as well. I like that Apple has made this the third decision to make as you configure your Mac Mini.

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With all of the options being super speedy SSD, the only bad choice you can make here is not getting enough storage or going with the overkill options. Come on Apple! The processor and the SSD are both soldered in. Neither is user upgradeable.

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My MacBook Pro and my custom build Windows desktop. Nothing else. As mentioned above, this is what I chose for my photo editing computers in and It works. With only GB of storage I have to think about what I am putting there and actively manage it a bit, watching for programs that default to using the boot drive for temp files. Now you are not going to put your photos here. I guess it is nice to see Apple offer some overkill options. You may be thinking that 1TB or 2TB of local storage inside the Mac Mini sounds ideal to you as a photographer, but the price is over the top again here.

Mac Mini for development and photo editing? : macmini

However, Apple is marking up the costs on the SSD quite a bit more than they are with the memory. External storage is the best way to meet the needs of storing your photos and GB or B SSD options are better choices. While on the topic of storage, if you are going to use a Mac Mini for your photo editing you really have to plan on adding external storage for your photos.

I really wish that Apple offered a desktop computer with the form factor that allowed adding internal storage. Maybe the new Mac Pro that is supposed to be headed our way in will provide it, but I am not holding my breath.

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So the storage has to be external. Fortunately Apple has provided some super speedy ports on the Mac Mini to do just that. Thunderbolt 3 connections are capable of speeds that rival the M.

My Mac Mini 2018 Spec for Film Editing

Neither is worth the price of the storage for the tiny bit of performance increase. It would sure be nice if there was a less expensive way to go to 2TB of that insanely fast storage. I do have a very good alternative. Still a little on the costly side for many photographers, but a really good option that will provide quite a lot of performance.

Photographer’s Mac Mini Buying Guide [2018]

That drive is plenty fast to keep your Lightroom and Photoshop moving along. Edit from the speedy and mostly reasonably priced SandDisk SSD and then store the photos long-term in the slower but far less expensive WD drive or something similar. A great solution to the problem of storage for a photographer wanting to use a Mac Mini for photo editing.

I recommend BackBlaze as both a reliable and good value online backup provider I have used for many years. There is really only one good reason a photographer would consider this upgrade, and that is if you ever want to use Network Attached Storage NAS. We just talked about needing to add external storage. The important thing to note is that this upgraded Ethernet connection will allow you to get the very most speed out of that NAS as is possible today.

With that 10 gigabit connection you can get speeds fast enough to edit photos from the NAS. If you need it later and are still using this Mac Mini for editing then you can always add a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter and get there when you decide you need it. Though not listed as a decision you need to make as you are buying your Mac Mini, I wanted to go over this briefly here. Graphics cards are pretty expensive in general again, thank you crypto miners and you have to add the cost of a Thunderbolt 3 chasis to the mix. There is some support, and in some cases it has helped, but there are still a lot of photographers finding they have to turn off what limited support there is for GPU in order to get the most performance.

Even without great support for GPU in Lightroom and Photoshop, a discrete graphics card would likely do better than the Intel UHD Graphics , but it is going to be good enough for photo editing.

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I recommend skipping on the whole eGPU option here. At least for now. The other options are just overkill.


Love the article. But to be honest made me confused. And that has being my main machine to edit all my photos in Lr and Ps. I work as a wedding photographer. It has accomplished wonders and only a few times it gets slow and do some delays in the editing. How could I have being able to fully edit thousands of photos on Ps and Lr with a theoretically slower and less powerful machine? This'll be my main dev machine for at least years so I'm looking for something powerful enough to keep up for a while - I've kept my current machines for years.

I've heard some peoples older model Mac Minis would get throttled because they were too hot during dev - any one come across this? How willl a 3. I'll be plugging it into a 4k 60Hz display. Bonus question if someone can recommend a good external storage option to to act as main file storage. As i always answer in this kind of thread, I own a Mac Mini server i7 2.

Still works like a champ for this kind of business. Mine still really fast for my needs so no need to upgrade.

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I compile and run softwares without problems. Weird, we're almost in the same situation. I'm changing job in 2 months, been using my job laptop Macbook Pro as my main machine for the last 4 years. The only other machine I've got is an old Macbook but even though I upgraded it, it can withstand photo editing sessions anymore. So I'm looking for a new machine that I'll use mainly for photo editing and development more Ruby and JS as far as I'm concerned , I already have a good monitor.